I am lucky to have the most amazing clients that say the most amazing things!!

“By far the coolest thing I have ever owned and most proud of. You’re awesome!”

“Thank you for this dope ass beautiful monster of a piece of clothing art! (Everyone loves it! Especially me!)”

“OMFG my jacket has just arrived and it’s FUCKING AWESOME!! I’ve actually had a little sob cuz I’m so happy with it. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!”

Never before have i been so excited about a jacket, I just can’t wait for Saturday so I can start wearing it out properly!”

Literally perfect. The distressed leather, the patch, the letters, the studs. I would rate it 100/100

“I just came home and got the jacket. Holy shit man. It’s beyond amazing

“I knew I had found the right person but now I’ve had a good inspection I can truly see how much effort has gone into it too. You have done a superb job there and I am so grateful you found me!

“So the jacket arrived! It’s even more beautiful than I thought and I love every inch of it, it’s so badass!

People on the street are throwing out compliments on the jacket left and right!”

Your dedication is incredible. I’m impressed and extremely touched that you were able to make this work on a tight timeline. You = BEST

I definitely am going to be wearing it religiously

“Dude I’m beyond ecstatic. This vest is definitely brightening my whole year

I LOVE  IT! And I love you too! HAIL SATAN!